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" Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food" - Hippocrates

Trina Palomarez MS, CNS, LDN
Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Clinical Herbalist, Integrative Health Practitioner

I  am a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Clinical Herbalist and Integrative Health Practitioner with over 20 years experience in the health industry. My passion is to help people transform their health through diet and lifestyle change. I believe that the body is divine, and it's true natural state is health. I will teach you how to implement specific diet and lifestyle changes that address your unique make up and challenges.  Let me show you how to restore the innate healing response of the body and optimize your health! 

My professional background includes Board Certification as a Nutrition Specialist with the American Nutrition Association, Master's of Science Degree in Nutrition & Integrative Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health and a Bachelor's of Arts in Women's Studies from UCLA. I am clinically trained in Western Herbalism and have completed a program in Medical Herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies. I hold certification as a Nutrition Consultant and Health Educator through Bauman College. I have trained as a Birthing Doula, Clinical Aromatherapist and am a former natural products formulator. In addition to maintaining my private nutrition practice, I am an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, School of Nursing and Health Professionals.


My broad educational base and diverse professional experience have provided me with a range of expertise in the field of nutrition and integrative health.


Contact Me For a Free Introductory Session

I offer a free 15 minute introductory health  consultation via phone to all prospective clients. Lets talk about your health and learn how I can help you achieve the wellness you desire.

What makes my services unique?

I believe that diet and lifestyle change is the pathway to health transformation! Whether you have a great diet or need some help, I will provide you with the essential tools for change.

In our work together, we will come up with realistic and effective solutions that are tailored for you and your lifestyle.


There are abundant options available to those looking for alternatives to standard medical approaches. You have choices, let me help you find the right path for you!

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