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What People Are Saying

"Trina is a remarkable nutritionist.  She listens well, asks all the important questions, assesses her client’s needs and concerns, and provides excellent feedback and advice about how to move forward to better health.  I met with Trina several times over the course of three months and I was successful in losing weight, gaining a better understanding of what to eat and not eat, and how to exercise to bring my body into the shape I wanted.  I highly recommend her to future clients."

M. C.

Petaluma, CA

"Trina helped me make significant improvements in my health over the past year.  I consulted with her for assistance with intestinal and other issues related to mild Crohn’s autoimmune disease.  She suggested changes to my diet and supplements that have yielded very positive results.  Also, I’ve been able to eliminate 2 prescription meds while improving my general well being.   Trina is informed about a wide range of health issues, and she has an extensive knowledge of herbs and supplements.  In addition, she is a lovely and caring person.   I feel fortunate to have Trina assisting me with my quest for better health."

S. S.

Santa Rosa, CA

 I began seeing Trina about 2 years ago with some health issues. I was immediately impressed with her kind manner and attentiveness to everything I said. She is thorough and asks questions which lead to some very good advice. She suggested that I alter some of the food I was eating the results were close to miraculous. Being a licensed nutritionist in Chinese herbalist she was able to design herbal tincture mixtures for me which have been amazing as well.

We are moving out of the area and I intend to keep in touch with her by Skype. She also offers phone appointments with flexible time limits paying close attention to financial needs of the individual.  I Really can't recommend her enough.


Santa Rosa, Ca

I cannot say enough good things about Trina. When my doctors could not help me with my diagnosis of Micro-Scopic Colitis, I was referred by my OB/GYN to Farmacopia. Trina new right away how to approach my issue. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the digestive system. Finally, after nine months of treatment and learning to live gluten/dairy free I am on the road to recovery. She also taught me how to handle relapses, which I have a several along the way. It is not an easy disease to live with but with Trina's help I am finally able to live a normal life again.


Sonoma, CA



Trina is an outstanding nutritionist. Not only does she really know nutrition, supplementation, and much more, but she has a wonderful professional, yet gentle way of working with her clients. She is caring, thoughtful, intelligent and diligent. She spent a great deal of time researching a difficult nutritional situation I faced, and helped me tremendously both with the condition as well as being an emotional support that was invaluable. I very highly recommend Trina to you. She is a true gem!



Marin, CA

 I was referred to Trina by a friend of mine. I am 57 and had been experiencing weight gain in my stomach for the first time in my life (menopause). Although I was conscious of what I ate, and exercised regularly, I could not lose it. I had to buy bigger clothes and I was very uncomfortable in my body. Trina ran a hormone panel on me, and she recommended supplements to support my metabolism which was somewhat sluggish. In addition, she helped me to fine-tune my diet in order to eliminate the foods that were causing the weight gain. I stuck to the plan and consistently dropped pounds every week until I was at my goal weight (12 pounds lighter) which I have been able to maintain easily. I am back to wearing a size 8, which had gone to a 10, and then a 12. 


I had been ready to make whatever changes necessary, but was at a loss as to how to do it. It was with Trina's guidance that I was able to make a plan and the results were immediate. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to make the changes needed to support a healthy life style.

R. Z.

Santa Rosa, CA


"I came to Trina in a lot of pain from multiple digestive issues, including scar tissue from gall bladder surgery, and weak, with leg pains from a virus that caused me to be in a skilled nursing facility for two months for rehabilitation. I was still using home help at least two days a week to accomplish my needs, like grocery shopping, laundry, etc.


Trina is particularly sensitive to the fact each person's journey is unique, and very thorough in her medical information workup on her clients. The fact she is an herbalist, as well as a nutritionist, is a blessing. She knows what supplements most assist my healing. She is aware my body is hypersensitive to medications and supplements, so I start on a low dose, working up to what she recommends.


The first thing I noticed was a reduction in pain level. I took no pain meds, but used ice packs. I didn’t need them after a while. A big step! I am now on my third month with no home help. My friends and neighbors say they can’t believe the improvement in my strength and endurance. One friend told me I look "alive" again.  I still struggle with the pain on occasion, but I know I continue to improve, and need the guidance and encouragement Trina provides.


Trina views her clients as whole people, concerning herself not only with nutrition, but depression, social interaction, and progress of each phase of need and improvement. I highly recommend Trina Palomarez to anyone suffering digestive, or other issues that nutrition and supplements can help, she is one of a kind, in the best way."


Livermore, Ca



"Trina Palomarez hold's a wealth of knowledge coupled with the gift of meeting each client as they are.  Skillfully taking each individual case to heart, she gets to the fundamentals of her client's healing paths in both a practical and empathic way.  As Trina's  co-worker at Farmacopia, I have benefitted  from her willingness to share her deep understanding of herbal medicine, supplements and nutrition.  I am certain that my practice has deepened and my patients have benefitted from Trina's openhearted sharing."


Sebastopol, Ca

"After failed advice from other nutritionists and doctors, I was very fortunate to find Trina.  She is a great listener and designed a nutrition plan that greatly improved my digestive health. I appreciate all she has done for me." 

C. Q.

 Santa Rosa, Ca


"I first met Tina in January, 2017. My neighbor recommended her as I had been having a lot of gastrointestinal issues. My gallbladder had been removed few years ago and I now had bile reflux. Over the next few months she was able to determine the underlying cause of my issues which turned out to be sibo (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). With Trina’s help I eliminated the medication I was on and replaced it with supplements. I’ve also eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet. Its been over a year now and I’m happy to say I feel tremendously better. My stomach issues are almost nonexistent. Trina had over two decades of experience and is incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend her."

L. L.

Penngrove, Ca

" I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trina Palomarez in regard to addressing two major health issues. Being they are both autoimmune and need different treatment approaches, she has come up with a great diet plan and much needed supplements that really are working for me. I’ve finally found someone who genuinely cares about my recovery."

L. B.

Healdsburg, Ca


"I have been working with Trina for a year now after struggling for 6 years from a variety of health challenges. My health has improved significantly in that time through the recommendations she made that simplified and re-aligned my supplement protocol, adjustments to my diet and has been a valuable sounding board for difficulties that have come up along the way. I feel I have the best advocate, ally and guide in managing the variety of issues that a person could ask for."

E. D.  

Santa Rosa, Ca

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