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Digestive Health

Your digestive tract is one of the primary portals to health. It's the point of entry for food and potential pathogens, the place where nutrient breakdown and absorption occur, as well as an exit for wastes. When the delicate balance of the digestive tract becomes disrupted, it can create a chain reaction of events throughout the body that can interrupt health and lead to disease.
I first become interested in digestive health early on in my nutrition career. I saw many clients come through my door with a litany of chronic digestive issues who had been to numerous doctors, even specialists in their field, only to hear that "nothing was wrong". Even worse, some clients would tell me when speaking to their healthcare practitioner and asking if foods in the diet could be an issue, they were often told that food had nothing to do with it!
Seeing this pattern amongst my clients population drove me take a deep dive into an integrative education on digestive disease. When working with a client with a digestive disorder, I utilize a functional medicine approach. Functional medicine is a type of lens, with which to approach disease and health disruption. The goal is to address and uncover the root of the issue, not just to "medicate" symptoms and by doing so we can finally begin the process of true healing.
I specialize in working with SIBO & IBS. If you have been struggling to find answers and get on the pathway towards healing, your in the right place. I have done extensive training and research in the area of SIBO & IBS and examine the role between food, overgrowth and the gut brain axis in my work with clients.
In consultation we will look to address underlying causes, essential to healing disorders. We will discuss what types of foods and supplements will be supportive, discuss strategies for prevention and create a comprehensive plan to restore balance in the digestive system.
Other GI Disorders
In addition to IBS & SIBO, I work with a wide variety of GI disorders. Much like SIBO & IBS the pathway to healing digestive disorders starts with a thorough understanding of the root causes,creating a plan for prevention and restoring balance. Conditions I work with include:
Functional dyspepsia
Celiac Disease
Food Allergy & Sensitivities
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Our work together includes creating a plan to help decrease inflammation, address motility, finding the right foods that support healing, maintaining balance within the GI fora.
Eating Disorders & Multiple Food Sensitivities
GI disorders are commonly associated with eating disorders and those with multiple food sensitivities. If this is you, healing your gut requires special attention in the area of diet. I am adept at utilizing tools to help improve gut function without having to use restrictive elimination diets. Learn how to heal your gut while also healing your relationship with food.
Want more information on my digestive health services or to see if I am good fit for your needs? Schedule your free intro call with me and let's talk.
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