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Intuitive & Mindful Eating- Create a Healthier Relationship with Food

What's your food story?
Are you struggling with your relationship with food? Intuitive and Mindful Eating is a way to bring balance back to your life and finally make peace with food and your body.
Note sure what it means to "struggle with food"? Understandable. We live in a society that is obsessed with food. This obsession plays out in many ways, from constant ads that display rich and alluring foods, that seem irresistible to the other end of the spectrum, where there is an emphasis on clean eating eating and having the perfect diet. These mixed messages can greatly impact they way we feel about food and our bodies and send many on a roller coaster ride of emotions when it comes to food.
If you have been on this roller coaster, you know what I mean. You may have compulsive thoughts about food that seem overwhelming, and difficult to control. You may feel compelled to constantly manage your food intake with rigid diets. You may have cycled on and off weight loss programs for years only to gain back the weight you worked so hard to lose. These feelings can lead to many negative emotions, guilt & shame around food and your body. Whether your obsessing about what to eat, or what not eat to eat, Intuitive and mindful eating is an approach that may be of value to you.
Who Is Intuitive & Mindful Eating For?
Intuitive & Mindful Eating is a healing tool for those who struggle with chronic dieting, binge eating, emotional eating, multiple food restrictions and sensitivities, those with an unhealthy relationship with clean eating, under eaters, people recovering from eating disorders or those who have disordered patterns of eating.
In this modality you will learn tools to help you let go of old food rules and have a more enjoyable relationship with food. The goal is to help you createDiscover new ways to cope with difficult emotions and build compassion for yourself.  Reconnect with what your body  and mind needs to feel nourished and sustained. Learn how to feed your soul and love your body in a way that supports your health.
Want to learn more how Intuitive and Mindful Eating can benefit you? Get in touch and schedule your free introductory session with me
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