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Natural Product Formulation & Consulting Services

Natural Medicine

As a natural products formulator I can help you develop the perfect formula for your wellness product. My formulation speciality is herbal blends. I'm a clinically trained herbalist and expert in the creation of herbal based formulas for common health issues.


I have 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and have formulated natural products for a wide variety of companies. Product focus includes Natural Bath and Body Care, Herbal Extracts and Blends, Vitamin & Nutraceutical Blends. If your looking to create a new product or need help reviewing your current formula for efficacy and safety, your in the right place!


Here are some of the services available:

Product Formulation. Creation of natural product formulas for the nutraceutical and herbal products industry, including encapsulated products, gummies, functional foods, tincture blends, glycerites and syrups.

Formulation Review. I can review your current formulas to make sure they are efficacious, safe and ensure there are no contraindications amongst ingredients, creating the highest quality products for your consumer.

Dosage Suggestions. Already know what ingredients you want in your formula but not sure what an appropriate and safe dosage might be? I can give you specific dosing recommendations for each ingredient in your current formula.

Product Copy & Label Verbiage. I can help you create or review your current label, website and marketing verbiage and copy for accuracy and help create FDA approved product statements for your labels.

Health Writing & Product Research. I am available to write health related articles for online publications & magazines, blog posts, website pages & marketing materials. I can help you research your current product and/or ingredients for efficacy, pull current & reputable research for marketing and the creation of product info sheets.

               Contact me for information on project pricing or writing samples.

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